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Hey everyone and welcome to Irresistible Desserts. If you made it this far it probably because you have a sweet tooth or are planning an awesomely, Irresistible event and you are looking sweets to indulge in.

My name is Valerie Douglas and I am the proud owner and head baker/decorator at Irresistible Desserts. I majored in Hospitality Management at the great Bethune Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida and that is where my love for the culinary grew. Upon returning home I decided to dive right in and open shop for myself and the original Irresistible Desserts in St. Maarten. But God had other plans for us, and when Hurricane Irma rolled through my husband and I decided to move to Curacao (which is where I grew up).

We have been blessed with a great customer base here in Curacao. And we welcome you to our Irresistible family.


                                                                                   We hope to hear from you soon - #StaySweet

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